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Data and provisioning policy development

Data and provisioning policy development

Data provisioning governance policy controls access to data over time. The SEC and Federal Reserve have been announcing new regulatory measures required when dealing with sensitive data. To minimize risk and maintain SEC and other regulatory compliance, organizations must have clear guidelines and provisioning workflow to control access to organizational data. With this in mind, Matrix-NIT has partnered with Intralinks to integrate provisioning governance within the Intralinks suite of products.

Provisioning policy should include:

  • Registering workspaces and exchanges
  • Clear provisioning workflow
  • Handling employee removal
  • Integration with other organizational platforms such as HR

Intralinks and Matrix-NIT work together to provide an integrated solution that protects your information stored on Intralinks from unauthorized or inappropriate access and disclosures. We collaborate to create and deploy a fully functional and compliant secure data governance solution. Our joint solutions resolve problems related to the following provisioning challenges:

  • Administering and monitoring access rights
  • Activating users
  • Inviting users
  • Recertifying users
  • Deactivating users
  • Closing workspaces

Working together, we will assess your current situation and provide any combination of the services below as they pertain to the Intralinks products used throughout your organization.

  • Analysis of existing Intralinks usage throughout your organization
  • Business workflow review
  • Audit control review
  • Development of a service portal
  • Integrate Intralinks to provisioning
  • Custom reports for data tracking
  • Automation development and support
  • Daily operations support for Intralinks users
  • Intralinks product support

Employee turnover is one example for the need for a provisioning policy that mandates granting and removing data access. When an employee leaves the organization, it is not sufficient to remove only his or her account within the company firewall. In coordination with HR systems, workflows need to make sure that not only his or her account within the bank is removed, but also his or her permissions to all external resources are removed as well.