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Data collaboration automation

Fostering deep collaboration between internal and external stakeholders is key in many financial processes. Due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital funding rounds and IPOs all require sharing confidential documents with parties beyond the organizational firewall such as potential investors, investment funds and auditors.

Prior to implementing data collaboration automation, data flow between parties is typically not managed automatically. Data is transferred manually. In addition, data cleanups and user management have to be scrutinized manually as well. Manual processes, however, are inefficient, lack transparency for auditors and introduce security risks.

Matrix-NIT helps financial institutions implement data collaboration including a robust strategy for:

  • Access management: Profiles, role-based permissions and management automation.
  • Data management: Audit history and reports with advanced filtering and data mining.
  • Deal execution and collaboration: Pipeline management and tracking, commenting and joint book building.
  • Integrations: Full integrations with CRM, loan operations platforms and more.
  • Regulatory compliance: Archiving, data retention policy and monitoring.