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IT, SEC and FRB compliance for financial services

Robust and scalable IT, SEC and FRB compliance for financial services requires a strategic solution to govern data across the organization. To ensure compliance, financial institutions need to develop a detailed policy that provides guidance and mandates actions throughout data lifecycle.

Matrix-NIT helps financial institutions develop a compliance policy and build data management engines that automate policy execution. In the policy development process, Matrix-NIT advises on accommodating business needs with compliance needs in the simplest and most effective way. We help companies comply with rules and regulations and provide best practices on compliant data policy, which include:

  • Provisioning processes and user certification
  • Data monitoring and reporting
  • Data archiving and removal
  • Compliance and security assessment
  • Data policy training and communication
  • Data migration

Data governance policy helps to guide data lifecycle management within the organization.
It also helps to minimize security and regulatory risks.